Do They Speak English In – ? Language Barriers Should Not Hold You Back

Think about where you want to travel to next.



There’s that feeling of wanderlust that settles into each and every one of our hearts when we pick up a magazine with a beautiful image of a cafe in Spain or when we skim through an online article of the wonders of Rome. Maybe your travel aspirations are ambitious and you wish to explore the Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan citadel high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, or experience the many countries in Central and South America.


video interpreting

What’s holding you back?

For most people, the answer is the language barrier. When we travel we want to feel at ease while at the same time amazed at the wonders before us, and if we aren’t able to communicate while on our trip, things can be a little rocky.

A phrasebook is well and good, but you most likely will not understand the response you get. That’s ok. There are so many languages and dialects out there that no one expects for you to be fluent in several languages just for the sake of your travels.

Travel articles suggest speaking slowly and using a very simple vocabulary when you must talk to someone who doesn’t speak your language. But what would it be like to have a meaningful conversation between strangers?

video interpreting

Wouldn’t it be better to take a dance class in Barcelona than to sit and watch? It’s always better to be able to have a conversation than to just translate.

I’d disagree with travel hack blogs that suggest that pointing is more effective than speaking.

Nowadays, traveling offers us a chance to experience and live as the locals do. With homes for rent, in-depth tours of world wonders, the Internet, and apps that allow us to connect socially around the globe, we are no longer just traveling to see some new scenery. We travel for the experience and what richness it can bring to our lives.

With CeleoSM, we want you to engage the world and its citizens with no language barriers – yeah, we really do aim to be your own personal Interpreter.