How Working From Home Can Save You Time and Money

So you want to trade the commute for the computer and gain back time and money by working from home?

Many of you know the struggle of your commute in the morning. You wake up early to fit in a shower, coffee, and maybe even a workout before you face the music….or, traffic. Once you’re in the car, you must shift your attention to the road, the traffic, and your mind races with the tasks of the day ahead.

Imagine if you had that half hour or hour back each day, each week. What would you do with it?

working from home 3

Trading your employer’s office for your own home office provides many benefits for you as an employee.  When you set your own hours, create your own personal workspace, and have time to devote to more meaningful tasks than honking your horn to traffic, you set yourself up for increased productivity, determination, and success.

Let’s explore the benefits of working from home.

The first two that may have already popped into your mind are gas and time. It’s pretty self-explanatory; gas is saved when you no longer have to drive to work and time is saved when you stop commuting. But there are plenty of other things you manage to save when you work from home.

You can save on car maintenance as working from home slows down the wear and tear on your vehicle.

You can save on dry cleaning and laundry.

You can save that money you may spend on going out for lunch and stopping for coffee.

“Someone who drives an SUV to work (20 miles, one hour each way) can save $5,000 and gain another $5,000 in productivity by swapping three days at home.” – from

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But what about those savings that we can’t see? An important factor that is often forgotten amidst the boom and bustle of office jobs are your stress levels. Working from home promotes better mental health with all of these stressors kept at bay when you have your own environment and you cut out that commute.

This article from Forbes summarizes an article in the Microsoft whitepaper, Work without Walls, listing the top 10 benefits of working from home. With “less stressful environment”, “more productive”, and “saves gas” listed as just some of the benefits, it is evident that working from the comfort of your own home will do much more good in your life than save you a drive in rush hour.

Worried about getting distracted by kids, laundry, or the TV? Distractions are just as plentiful at work than they are at home. A sink full of dirty dishes can capture your attention just as well as a coworker who has a thousand burning questions a day. Working from home does require discipline, after all, you are still working!

Ultimately, working from home saves your wallet and your sanity. At home, you are no longer just a presence to an office, but a productive piece of a larger corporation, spinning your wheels from the comfort of your own home to get the job done.

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