For many, language barriers are a daily occurence.


Language barriers can at times be life-threatening, such as in hospitals and emergency rooms. At times a necessity, as in our schools or courtrooms, and other times an inconvenience, such as in our businesses, our homes, and even our travels.

“One in Five U.S. Residents Speaks a Foreign Language at Home, Record 61.8 million.” With 25.1 million (41 percent) speaking English “less than very well”. – Center for Immigration Studies (October 2014)

The Celeo App aims to break down language barriers by making it simple, easy, and affordable for anyone to have their own personal language interpreter (a.k.a. translator) at the touch of a button… just when you need one.


We aim to make your conversations in these situations run more smoothly. Download the Celeo App and experience conversation… as it should be.