Why Use an On-Demand Video Interpreter App?

Language Interpreters

On-demand interpreting is a live telecommunication service that uses devices such as a computer, smartphone or tablet to provide on-demand language interpreting services between two parties.

This is done using a remote interpreter that provides real-time language translation in order to facilitate communication in situations whenever there is a communication barrier present. Examples include someone traveling to a foreign country, medical personnel providing assistance in an emergency, and students traveling abroad for school.

To date, over 80% of all interpreting sessions have been done over-the-phone (OPI), but technology now allows for video sessions, also known as Video Remote Interpreting (VRI).

As for Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), research has shown that up to 55% of communication is non-verbal – why then would you want to miss 45% of what’s being communicated by using over-the-phone (OPI) interpreting services?

In the US, the states with the largest populations have a greater need for interpreter services due to the diversity of the citizens. As these populations continue to grow and become more diverse, the employment numbers for interpreters and their services has increased steadily. By 2020, it is estimated that the total revenue for global language services will exceed 45 billion dollars.

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As mobile technology improves, our world becomes smaller and smaller, increasing the need for on-demand, instant language translation. Thanks to on-demand interpreter apps like Celeo, you can experience the efficiency of a live, qualified interpreter without having to schedule a face-to-face meeting. Just a few taps and this much needed service is a few seconds away.