Spanish Interpreter App – Is Geography the Only Driver?

While English is spoken by over 80% of the population in the U.S., Spanish is still the second most commonly spoken language in the country. A Spanish Interpreter app anyone?

A Spanish Interpreter App to communicate in the second most spoken language in the U.S.

Source: American Community Survey

 Geography – our proximity to Mexico and Latin America at large – has  historically been the main driver to date, but what might future drivers be?

We found it interesting to read the story on the MLB requiring every team to have full-time Spanish interpreters in 2016, ensuring that [newly arrived] players from the Dominican Republic or Cuba, who are uncomfortable conversing in English now, can communicate with their team’s fans using the help of an interpreter.

We’re no baseball experts, but we venture to think that baseball talent is the driver behind this Spanish Interpreter need.

Call us biased, but here at Celeo Technologies, we think CeleoSM would make the perfect Spanish Interpreter App for these players!

Most commonly Spoken Language other than English

While Spanish may be the second most spoken language overall, there are pockets within our states of other dominant second languages like German, French and Tagalog due to historical and geopolitical reasons.

However, if geography is not the only driver, what other drivers might there be?

Asians Overtake Hispanics

Source: Pew Research Center

As of 2014, the top five origin countries of Asian immigrants were India, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea. In 2012, China lead overseas applications to American University graduate programs, followed by India and South Korea, according to a report by the Council of Graduate Schools. Those seeking higher education, better living conditions and opportunities for entrepreneurship, are some for the drivers behind this trend.

At Celeo technologies, we are interested in spotting trends for Language needs and how we may be a part of the solution.

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