ACCURACY – The interpreter will render the message accurately and completely taking into consideration the cultural context.

CONFIDENTIALITY – The interpreter will treat as confidential all the information learned during the interpreting session. Any notes taken to aid the session, must be destroyed.

IMPARTIALITY – The interpreter will remain impartial and refrain from counseling, advising or projecting personal biases or beliefs.

RESPECT – The interpreter will treat all parties with respect.

CULTURAL AWARENESS – The interpreter will strive to develop awareness of the cultures encountered in the performance of interpreting duties.

PROFESSIONALISM – The interpreter will always act in a professional and ethical manner. Dress appropriately for on-camera (i.e. video) sessions.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – The interpreter will strive to further their knowledge and skills through professional training and continuing education.

DISCLOSURE – The interpreter will not publicly discuss, report or offer opinion about any of their encounters.

SELF-EVALUATION – The interpreter will accurately and completely represent their certificates, training and experience.