CELEO Technologies, LLC Consolidated Privacy Policy

 Here at CELEO Technologies, LLC, we greatly value the privacy of our users and our colleagues, and we want you to understand what information we collect about you and how we will and will not use that information.  Please ask us if you have questions.

The following information is repeated in the CELEO App User Agreement and the CELEO Website Terms of Use.

When you use our website:

When you visit and use the Celeo website, located at www.celeotechnologies.com, we do not collect personal information such as your name or contact information.  However, we may employee cookies and other technology to collect information that helps us provide you with the best possible online experience.  For more information about cookies, see www.ftc.gov/ftc/cookies.shtm.

When you download and use the CELEO: Your Own Personal Interpreter (the “CELEO App”):

  • What we collect. When you create your account and your Profile, you provide us with information such as your name, email address, phone number, other contact information, birthdate, and, if you choose, your photograph (collectively, your “Personal Information”). During a Session, the CELEO App may track and record your geographical location (your “Location Information”).
  • How we use your Personal and Location Information. We use your Personal Information and Location Information internally to provide you with the best Services we can and to contact you directly regarding the Services.
  • How we share your information. Your Personal Information and/or Location Information may be shared with third parties only as is necessary to provide or improve the Services; for example, in the payment process, some of your Personal Information will be shared with our third party payment processors. In such cases, the use of your Personal Information will also be subject to the terms & conditions and privacy policies of those third parties.
  • Sharing your information with your Interpreter. During your Sessions, your Interpreter will be able to view your first name, the first letter of your last name (g., Jane S.), and your Profile photograph. We will not share any additional Personal Information with Interpreters.
  • Who we will not share with. Other than as described in this Privacy Policy, we will not share your Personal Information or your Location Information with anyone without first obtaining your express opt-in permission, unless required to do so by law.
  • Logging in via social media. If you choose to login to your CELEO App account using a social media account (for example, your Facebook account), we have no control over the information captured during that process. Check the policies of your social media provider to learn more.
  • Protecting your information. Although no one can guarantee the security of information shared online, we follow industry standards in protecting your Personal Information and Location Information.

If you become a Celeo interpreter:

The privacy policies regarding information about applicants for interpreter positions with Celeo can be found in the Terms for Applicants, and for those who are employed as interpreters, in  the Celeo Contractor Agreement.